Boundless Love


Let the sun rise from the west,

Let the ground beneath my feet quake with unrest,

Still, I know that You are with me.

Though the world turns against me,

Though I seem like a fool, as long as You are beside me,

I will stand.

When sorrows and sadness cloud the sun,

When life seemed to have dealt me a bad hand,

Your praise shall proceed from my lips.

Hope may seem bleak, a better day, nothing but a fantasy,

It may seem like the end of the road,

But still You lead me on.

When my flesh tells me I cannot resist,

And my mind says You do not exist,

You refresh my being, a stronger faith is born.

Why should I doubt?

How dare I doubt?

What love is this I seek from the world that was not given to me in perfect measure?

My mortality can never comprehend this awesome LOVE,

So perfect, So complete, nothing could ever take me away from it…

Yet I struggle against it, pulling from it, my wisdom, that of a fool!

Forgive me, Lord!

For the stiffness in my knees that causes me not to kneel,  

For the pride in my soul that causes me not to bow,

For the selfishness in my being that causes me not to love,

For my arrogance that makes me think that I am number #1.

The nails went through Your palms…for my sake,

The flesh they tore from Your back…for my sake,

 The thorns that pierced Your brow…for my sake,

The cross You bore on Your back…for my sake,

The mockery they threw to your face…for my sake.

You gave your life so I could be forgiven, as I am,

So, I give me life to You,

That I may know this awesome Love,

That I may know You,

Who loves me with a Love Unbound…


4 thoughts on “Boundless Love

  1. V says:

    C : *no comment*

  2. Rowland says:

    Nice, i lyk ua writting!!! U rily knw hw to do it.

  3. Samuel Nguma says:

    ”You came for the lame; I’m the lamest- you took my life and replaced it; I take it!” #Lecrae

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