Reasons Why Romance Sucks!

I am sooo sleepy! I would be okay with the situation if it was my fault i.e, I slept late or woke up early. It’s not even Coco’s fault (my dog) who woke me up first at 1 a.m because she wanted to play or later on in the wee hours of the morning because she was chasing some weird insect around the room. It’s not that I was worried about Bunny (my other dog) who had sprained her ankle last night.

Nope. Only one think kept me awake last night. Just one thought; He likes me back!!!!

When I first heard, I had a New York traffic jam moment in my head where I jumped on top of a cab and shouted “He Likes Me!!!!He really likes me!!” I guess I should have been and should be happy but the only thing I am right now is Apprehensive.

I am a worrier, I accept. I think things through so much, that by the next day, I can’t tell which side is up! So out of that frustration, I write this…


1. I don’t think romance and sleep can abide in the same room. Half the night was spent in coming up with various pros and cons as well as ‘what if ‘ scenarios. There are too many ‘what if’s. I even woke up before my “you-have-15-more-minutes-to-sleep” alarm. Why ever would I do that?!

2. Romance and sense? In the same sentence? I don’t think so! It’s like someone just takes  a big spoon and korogas your gray matter thoroughly!!!

3. The thoughts that consume a girl ( I don’t know about you guys) are enough to drive anyone up a wall. Ask any girl whose friend has just developed feelings towards Mr. X and confides in her about what she is going through. It’s crazy!!! It’s all they talk about. And it reaches a point that any time that topic is broached all you here is the incessant, irritating buzz of a mosquito.

4. Then of course there is that difference as you stare at yourself in the mirror. He likes that? Really? Or maybe I should try something different. Something that is more …blah blah blah. The self babble goes on.

As you can imagine, I feel like such a mess right now. I wouldn’t like to see him any time soon lest I get a worse strain of this disease. IT’S HORRIBLE!!( *sigh* I wouldn’t trade it for anything).

Those who know me and are reading this post have an evil grin plastered on their faces because I swore never to be slain by cupid and his evil minions. Guys, let me just say that I am yet to fall. Just because I am tripping, doesn’t necessarily mean I will  fall. ( God, please hear my prayer).

But, if I do fall, I’ll need all the help I can get. I don’t want to flow into the cycle of how Kenyans, and quite frankly the whole world , view dating. That would be a disaster in my case. I won’t deny that all those fairy tales from when I was younger contributed heavily to my beliefs. Nor will I deny that I am a hopeless romantic ( shhhh…don’t tell anyone). And an idealist, no doubt.

So I stand by my belief and hereby vow never  ever ever ever ever ever ever to kiss a frog ( those hideous things! UGH!!)



13 thoughts on “Reasons Why Romance Sucks!

  1. V says:

    *evil grin*…hahaha…you kissed the frog in your shower didn’t you…btw,BEEF!!!now th@ you decided to blog it…i’ll ask this on your blog…who told you he likes you back?…and why don’t i know him?…does he read your blogs??

    PS:am waiting for the royal wedding… *she lives in a fairytale, somewhere to far for us to find…playing in the background*

  2. V says:

    Your like the worst person with communication…and ati you want to do media…:| 😦

  3. Olive says:

    yes..totally right..a very wide evil grin.
    no wonder ur stayin up know if u tok to someone about it u’ll be able to sleep 🙂 okay I just want to know EVERYTHING. n did he tell you he likes you back?

  4. V says:

    you’re just lucky yopu’re not in Nai…this info would have been squeezed out of you before it even happens!

  5. starmueni says:

    lets see how long u gona remain trippin,ul fall,HARD!!!!and al be there with a goofier smile.some pple were singing the same song (olive tis not u am hinting at) and look at em now!!!hehehe..

  6. Jaqaya says:

    Uummh! Unless you are superhuman, the tune to this song will change. We sang the same song when we were young(jzsayn)

  7. Nigey... says:

    Hahahaha…nevr evr thought i’d evr c ths lyk 4evr!!!
    Bt dnt fall,it sucks!well,unless he’s lyk 5 years older…
    Oh,n wen i said it sucks,i meant it’s lyk that light at the end of the tunnel,only that it’s an oncoming train,bt geuss wat?u dnt die,u jus keep going reeling from the impact,hehehe…

  8. V says:

    jus so th@ its in record…she fell…bt she will be cushioned from hitting her head and losing it completely 🙂 🙂 🙂 #got ur back unless i see a really “cute” pair of shoes/leather jacket on sale and they’re my size then there’s a chance you may get a concussion but thats why some of us are doing med :)#

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