A New Line of Vision

I am doomed to fidgeting and feeling self-conscious the whole day, worried that people may think I got dressed in the dark. Which I did. But no one needs to know that ….(I just have to steal Doofenschmirtz line… “Curse you KPLC!!”) I would have expected so much more from Engineer Njoroge, MD,  who publicly claimed to be my Sister.Engineer, what kind of sisterhood is this now? …Its a long story that involves high school, a long speech and a certain BOG chairman.

I have been having the squints for a while now so when I decided to go to the doc, I was thrilled when they realized there was actually something wrong!!!!( If you are an avid follower of Bones, the series, You know squints refer to those sciency-geeky guys….but not in this case. ) #crickets#….  Okay! Fine, I admit it!! I am one of those people who when giving directions tell you”You take a turn at that road then you’ll see a fruit cart and a road to your left. Don’t take that one. Take the one before it….” 

Why should I be thrilled I have a problem with my eyes? Because it proves I was right.And that I wasn’t exaggerating. YAY!

So here is the story; I was the last born for like 7 years and boy did I act it!! There was  a time I woke up late for Saturday morning cartoons, just in time to see the credits rolling. 3-year-old me, standing in my nightgown still rubbing the sleep from my eyes, started to cry. I went to the kitchen where mum was and said ” Mum!! *sob* Lucy na Mercy wamenimalizia cartoon!!!!” They never let me forget it…at least i got an extra hotdog for breakfast that day :).

Point is, I was a pro at exaggerating. Problem was i never got too many chances at it ( Curse you Immune system!!!”) But when I did, I’d stretch it as much as I could. It was a phase in my life that soon came to pass after I got my super powers ( I’m Never-Gonna-Get -Sick-But-If-I-Do-No-Biggie-I’ll-Just-Act-Like-Am-Not).

Then in High School, I had a slight case of Hypochondria-the  nurse and I were good friends 🙂 Back to the matter at hand, I have always wanted glasses so I could get ‘the look’. You know, the ‘I-Mean-Business’ look.The “You-Really-Don’t-Want-To-Mess-With-Me” look. The..okay, I’ll stop.

Well, I AM HEREBY BE-SPECTACLED!!As of yesterday, I perch a pair of glasses on my nose. Only Mum, the doc and guys at the office know! Oh and V..helped me pick out the frames. The fb pick back-fired so…that’s that.

No one mentions the irritation on your nose as you wear spectacles !!! Or how it bites into your ears! Or how when you walk on the street it feels like your going to fall cause the side-walk is slanted!!

On the flip side, I got ‘The Look” , I get to give people the condescending stare over the top of my glasses!!! And every time I push the glasses up my nose, I look like am doing something super important. 

I also get to do the thoughtful pose of nibbling on one of the tips..hmmm…

At least the headaches are gone…now it is specific parts of my head that hurt.:/


10 thoughts on “A New Line of Vision

  1. starmueni says:

    welcome to the world of specs wearing.

  2. V says:

    utazoea…plus if you vaa them vizuri…ie not sagging on your nose…the pavement will stop slanting…
    to all non-geeks…hypochondria is the ability to feign/exaggerate sickness mpaka you convince yourself your sick…when you’re not…

  3. Kenty Isabella says:

    V tnx fr da explanation…:)I dyn knw u got glasses….:)..kay nw i knw…#idk y i sound blonde on tis comment#3=

  4. Olive says:

    haahaha..aii Kenty i jst have to laugh..how av u managed to sound so blonde..
    Specs!! I can only imagine.

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