I Digress

You know how a situation seems to take up all your time as you think about it and rethink about it? Well, I don’t need that right now. Truth is, it will do me no good at all, and might just end up damaging a potential relationship. But I’ve said too much already. I’ll just have to wait for the next few days to see how things go. In the mean time, I’ll have to keep myself busy…

Thus far, my day feels so weird! I was up late baking my sister  a cake (HBD L!!!!) thanks to Mum and her superb skills of taking me on a guilt trip. So I ended up waking up late. Here is what usually happens :

5.10: Mum calls me. I decline the call# at least I know it’s morning# and resume sleeping.

5.20: I open the door for the help ( it’s actually more like give her the keys) then go back to bed ( the key to a successful trip in and out of bed while still holding on to sleep is partially opening your eyes. Never fully)

5.30: My alarm goes off. Now, this isn’t my ‘it’s time to wake up’ alarm. No. It’s my ‘you have fifteen more minutes to sleep’ alarm.

So, today, like clock work, Mum called, a few minutes later, I gave the keys to the help, a few minutes later, my alarm went off. But guess who woke up at 6.12 to find my mother saying “Leo unapanda matatu”?

I’m not a morning person! Sometimes, it takes me four hours to even utter a word.m So the thought of me walking to the main road, waiting for God knows how long for a mat that will  most likely be fully packed, forcing me to either stand or squeeze in next to someone who does not even own a stick of deodorant, before boarding another mat in the nearest town to Mombasa then walk to my office was not part of the question.

Needless to say, I was fully dressed at 6.30, with my nails done ;). Okay, so I  missed breakfast, boo hoo! At least I made it out of the shower without another encounter with a frog like yesterday #ugh#. It was twenty minutes into the drive to work that I began to feel a semblance of being fully awake and it came in the form of a throbbing headache and squinting eyes. I took care of the headache but am still squinting :/

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged or rather, since I last published a post. I have been writing it’s just that I kept on hitting delete afterward. Truth is, I hate putting my heart out there. It always makes me feel so exposed and known.  I like it when people don’t know too much about me. But there is always a point where all you want is  someone who knows you so well such all you have to do is say that that one word and the other person understands exactly what you are saying.

So i sit in front of the computer, freezing. It’s either Mombasa is cold, or I am sick. I prefer the latter because then I can skip work 🙂


4 thoughts on “I Digress

  1. V says:

    Hahaha…frog in the shower! 😀

  2. V says:

    isn’t that the poisonous kind…was it also smal…and hoping around…dude(-ette), tour lucky..

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