A Million Fairy Tales and one glimpse of Reality Later

Once upon a time there was a girl, once upon a time I was that girl,

Once upon a time is a long time ago, and in that time life happened.

That girl  was naive, untainted by realities scorn,

But that girl had a dream,  she lived each day hoping it would come true.

That girl met a boy, once upon a time, that boy was you,

And in that moment, she felt it in her bones, she knew it in her innermost being,

Her dream was coming true.

It seemed that her dream had been drafted into her life script , and she revelled in every minute of it,

You will never know how her heart beat, how her hands shook,

You will never know how hard it was to breathe, let alone make decent conversation,

You will never know of the night she couldn’t sleep, bulldozed out of sleep by the wretched thoughts of you,

You will never know how she cried, not out of pain nor joy, but fear,

Fear of the tumultuous emotions that had overtaken  every sane thought she possessed,

You will never know that you changed her life, of this, she thought was the beginning, poor girl,

Her eyes affixed on you, she forgot to watch her step, glancing down just when one foot was over the edge,

What was to be a “happily ever after” ended up being a “question never answered” ,

That girl never knew what happened, neither does this one,

Thoughts stained her mind, she imagined all things possible and even those impossible,Then frustration set in,

Finally she let go.

That’s where I come in.

That girl is in my past, somewhere, but  she is still a part of who I am today,

She will never firmly rest in my past until she achieves closure.

I don’t know you, I doubt that girl ever did,

but if there is any chance you too are caught in the past as I am,

You are reading this.

Set us both free to continue with our separate lives.

You know what to do.


2 thoughts on “A Million Fairy Tales and one glimpse of Reality Later

  1. Olive says:

    this is so far my favorite post..u have used good language without using ‘swahilishwad’ words.

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