. . . Ok, with such a title, I should probably say something about weaves, right? Well, weaves suck. What else is there to say? Anything I say after that statement would come right back to it so lets just leave it at that. (Truth is, I just wanted the title):)

I want to be completely random!!!

When I was younger, (that is, before I did History in form 4) I thought the Boston Tea Party was a huge bash that happened in the 19th Century for all the creme de la creme  in Boston by then.  I envisioned prim and proper debutantes of the Boston Society, dressed in the finest of silk and lace, gathered around a grand table , sharing the latest gossip in town from Henrietta’s gown at the ball to the new family in town, their cultured laughter filling the Sun Room where they always have tea, servants at hand, as they sip from their dainty cups and nibble on tarts and scones…

Imagine my surprise when my beloved History teacher tells me a story of  how some Americans did not like the British tea taxation so they threw all the tea into The Boston Harbour. …HOW DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!( my story was way better ……) am sure the fish where thinking “If only sugar was heavily taxed! That would be a proper cup of tea.”

….but life goes on…

Dad has always had this question and I find myself inclined towards it now!..will I ever be able to reach the pedals? And if I do, will I see past the dashboard?!( I am sooo getting a customized car..)

It is so sad that I will never be able to have my ‘Grand Arrival ‘. Si you know how (in the movies) a chick drives up in a supped (I honestly don’t know the spelling.. ama its souped?!) -up car then the first thing you see are her legs in some other unbeweaveable(;)) shoes…Well, considering my height, I always have to wiggle forward in the seat first for my feet to touch the ground ..#lifenihard#

Is it possible that wasee wa States have an urban legend where when you trip on the road, you lied about something thus the root of the saying “i ain’t tripping” to mean you’re not lying…hmmm…

WAAA! The number of times I wish I could carry a recording camera into my dreams!!! Honestly, tv ikibore, I sleep because my dreams are a more than worthy provision of entertainment!! After you dream of dancing cows and flower guns (na ilikuwa very serious, by the way), you can dream of anything!! Wasee wa Inception should be giving me a call soon..

Mum, my room is not messy! It’s an organized mess! I know where everything is!! Plus, if it’s neat today, please don’t expect it to be so tomorrow because I’ll be looking for where I kept everything. Lastly, if the room looks neat, avoid my wardrobe at all costs! It’s for your own good! love you…


3 thoughts on “UNBEWEAVEABLE!!!!

  1. V says:

    🙂 for starters..i thought unbeweavable was like baby-talk unbelievable…then you intro the idea of weaves…so i was expecting this dramatic story on weaves…then you just say weaves are terrible…although sme pple have theirs done really nicely…but still i ain’t fibbing…weaves never beat natural spagetti hair…NEVER!!!!!

  2. starmueni says:

    the organised mess part is so true!!!!!!!!!tho mum is psychn to see my hse,jst to c how twil be…..

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