A Friend In-screen


I have had a long and treasured relationship with television which all began when my parents discovered it to be the best baby sitter. Thus, as other kids went outside to play, I travelled the world, learnt new languages (kinda) and gained perspective. ..all from the comfort of my tush(and the couch of course).

So when time came for me to go to school, i was more than a little out-of-place. As you can expect, Kiswahili was bumped down to 2nd place and English became my first language( my scores aaalll the way to high school clearly attest to the fact that kiswahili is a foreign langauge to me  ;))

I was about 9 when i wrote an essay that I was really excited about. I was sure i was going to ace it kabisa!!! It was in those days of La Usurpadora(or something like that)#donthate#…..those days when soaps were soaps!!! I don’t even know what to call some of these things they are bringing onscreen!! Soaps za siku hizi, either plot ni predictable or just simply ridiculous!! Kama character amekuf, amekuf! And kwani Philippines is how big hadi you don’t jua your own kid hadi the priest is about to say “i now pronounce you man and wife?!”

….anyway, La Usurpadora(or something like that). 9-year-old-me creates this awesome story and titles it “The Usurper” (Lightening flash). boy, oh boy, oh boy………………i got less than half of the total score!!!!!! My teacher didn’t even know the spelling of the word usurper?!?!? (i looked it up, trust me) But i let that slide. that’s when i discovered how to transfer imagination to paper .


7 thoughts on “A Friend In-screen

  1. Kenty Isabella says:

    The screen z one place u gotta be..
    Tv first love yawaR!!

  2. Nigey... says:

    Got t’ lurv the screen.iss where all the magIc happnZ!…10/10 frm m0i…;-)*

  3. Olive says:

    hahaha….I can imagine u smilin thinkin of how ur goin to have the best marks.
    I like all your posts lakini ni fupifupi!!!

  4. V says:

    I have a rima essay written…STOP USING POMPOUS VOCABULARY!!!…

    nhu…i totally get the TV babysitter..it should be stopped because its just the same as it was before…its spoiling kids…

  5. Samuel Nguma says:

    This partcular bit was funny: ”…And kwani Philippines is how big hadi you don’t jua your own kid hadi the priest is about to say “I now pronounce you man and wife?!”…”

  6. agwatakwamby says:

    imagination on paper , soo cool

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