Changing Times (na si ya tv ;))



“In life, change is the only constant.”

Up until a few moments ago, I didn’t fully appreciate the meaning of those words. I was trying to hold on to the person I was a couple of months ago. Trying to give life to something that was already six feet under. I gave myself the excuse of how perfect life seemed at that moment and that if I only went back, if I only held onto that state of mind, maybe I could get a second chance….well that obviously didn’t work because here I am.

With every passing day, I have changed. With every person I have come to know, I have grown a little more. With every challenge thrown my way, I have gained strength. I can never be the person I once was. That person no longer exists. She can only be remembered.

Life happens. Maybe, life was perfect at a given time and place. But that perfection was not strong enough to make it through the change. That was as long as it was ever meant to last.

Things get complicated when friends come into the picture. Do you really want to let them go? True, some are seasonal, meant to last only for a window of time while others, you hold on to for a lifetime. In my experience, you may not consciously decide to let them go but you just end up drifting apart. Acceptance is  what I have to learn now. Accepting that things are different and they will never ever ever ever ever ever ever  ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever be the same again.

And I just have to deal with it!( not as simple as it sounds…but a girl can hope, can’t she?)


2 thoughts on “Changing Times (na si ya tv ;))

  1. V says:

    God is never changing…so when things change He never stops helping you adapt!

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