Lazima Niseme!!


You know how events in life sometimes fuatana to emphasize a particular point? Driving a given point home? My last few days are exhibit A. I am about a week into my first work experience, which is pretty much a secretarial post. So i spend my days staring at a computer, *mostly online ‘research’ *#wink#/// What?! Its free internet connection!!! Who wouldn’t take advantage of that in today’s Kenyan economy?? ///…anyway, I was at the front desk Jana working on the computer ( read on Fb) when guy ingias with some documents that he wanted Wakili ( my boss) to sign. He had that weasel-quality in a ka -shags mudo flavor, despite the fact that he wore specs..l have an inclination towards the bespectacled;) of course it depends on the kind of specs but….you catch my drift. So the weasel is talking to my colleague and he gives me the weird sidelong look.I was thinking he was amused at my ka-pot since it was just after lunch ….#ilovemypot#:) then he semas in that kaoish high voice –si kuhate cause am obviously kao but ni fact– ” excuse me, but do you know your beautiful? ”

 WAWAWAWAWA! !!!!!!! By the way kuna lines zengine that are only found in the same sentence as ‘back in the day ..’ What?! If it was not for the fact that i was in shock, I would have mwagaad 10 layers of ATT. All those retorts I had heard before came to mind. I settled on the cool, calm candid answer of ‘ yes, I do’ and turned back to the comp neatly ignoring him until he left. Enyewe some things you don’t expect to hear in this era. I would expect Kenyans to have gained that savoir faire, that ka- class that would at least give a girl some options. Honestly, he wanted the blushing. ‘ thank-you ‘? NEVEH!!!

Today, I was stalked by some two masaai dudes dressed in full regalia!!! They were even singing in the street, no less. I was almost gongwaad by a car trying to hepa lest they throw me over their shoulder and kidnap me .

*sigh* I have had a rough week AND IT’S TUESDAY!!! God, help me! Kenyan men….woi! !! Let’s just say the economy is not the only thing in Kenya that’s weak in quality!!It is soooooo hard to patana with someone and have a meeting of the minds. Note, this is all in my experience. Maybe I should blame my dad cause he set the bar too high. OOPS!!! The day I do meet a Guy to whom sense is not a foreign language, I will take back the words on this post. DEAL?!

9 thoughts on “Lazima Niseme!!

  1. bill mahinda says:

    mwende criusly—-

  2. V says:’ve made my day…n there is no way YOU would have mwaga-d ATT…#maybeintheory#…nhu am sure if it was a tall like-minded attractive charming guy..who told you that in deep sultry would have totally sank…#unfortunately,onlyinmovies#..but some scenes in life are like a thing from the movies…so you never know…#PS:thisisnowmoreYOU#

  3. Kenty Isabella says:

    Mwende……you made my night….hukuanza kukimbia wen tos masaai….were fuatain u???
    I wanna start workkn;)

  4. Bonnie says:

    Hahahaha!!luv the pics that accompany the stories, makes it comical.

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