how about -‘A Beginning? ‘

Characteristically, I would probably stare at a blank screen for about 2 days *as I have done since Friday* trying to think of an appropriate first post. I would also carry out my own version of a research to cover all my bases # I tried to, anyway # . V, a good friend of mine, would look at me right about now and say ‘si you just start. Kwani what’s the problem? ‘ The problem is I am an overthinker. I paid the price for that dearly in high school English :)If you tell me to cross the road I would tell you that the pavement on this side is less crowded, the light just turned green and that I don’t want to pass in front of that duka because the shopkeeper gives me the hibby jeebies …or words to that effect.The doctors are still in deliberation on what neurological disorder I am exhibiting. In the meantime I get to bare my soul to you guys:) oh come on!!! It’s not so bad. //I hope// plus I kinda got bored with my journal cause it can’t post comments 🙂 * aaand
..I don’t know where it is* ok am not the most carefully person in the world. But I have my moments 🙂 If you have come this far into the monologue,….*dramatic Oscar moment* ‘I don’t know wat to say. Except +sob+ thank you soo much!! -wiping off hypothetical tears-


7 thoughts on “how about -‘A Beginning? ‘

  1. Olive says:

    it is so you.

  2. v says:

    U R such a COW!!!*now the whole world knows*…muhahahahahahahaha!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Olive says:

    hey Vi ur saposd to be commenting on the writing.
    Nguti..I lyk it for a beginning now update it sooner

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